What is RoboCup?

RoboCup is an international joint project to promote AI, robotics, and other related fields. It is an attempt to foster AI and intelligent robotics research by providing a standard problem where a wide range of technologies can be integrated and examined.

RoboCup chose to use the game of soccer as a central topic of research, aiming at innovations to be applied for socially significant problems and industries. By 2050, the ultimate goal of the RoboCup project is to develop a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots that can win against the human world champion soccer team.

What is Robobulls?

RoboBulls is a student organization within the University of South Florida for students who have an interest or passion for robotics. Students from all USF campuses may participate. The USF RoboBulls participate in the international RoboCup competition.

For the past few years, RoboCup has been a popular arena for testing collaborative and competitive skills among multiple autonomous robots. These competitions provide a common testing ground for different research laboratories where scientific advances can be studied and evaluated under real-time conditions.

Robobulls last participated as a Major Soccer Team at the RobobCup 2016 World Championship in Leipzig, Germany.