Fallon Williams – President

I began RoboBulls as a member working on the electrical and hardware components for the first robot prototype in summer 2014. I love working with the current RoboBulls team for RoboCup 2015 and upcoming competitions in the robotics field. During fall of 2014 I was elected vice president, and this spring was elected president of the organization. I am also a proud Deans Council member and 2014 Volunteer of the Year recipient for the Tampa Bay Estuary


TJ RossVice President

I am a fan of robotics, having done many of my own projects in the past including IEEE Micromouse competitions and IEEE hardware robotics competitions. Am happy to be apart of a great team of gifted engineers who enjoy the same passion for robotics as I do.



Muhaimen ShamsiTreasurer

My involvement with Robobulls started near the beginning of the club in the Spring of 2014. I was interested in applying my programming skills to a meaningful project and the other members of the club were very helpful and welcoming, which made a very good place for me to start. Since then, I have been developing the team’s motion control algorithms for differential-steering and omni-directional robots, and have also worked on developing skills, behaviors, and strategies for the robots to perform. I owe a lot of thanks to Martin and Narges, who were there to painstakingly guide me through the many issues that arose during development.

I think Robobulls will be a serious competitor for the Robocup SSL within the next two years. We are still in the process of laying the foundations of our system, but we have made significant progress since we started and have dedicated team members who have the patience and technical knowledge for a competitive Robotics team. My current vision for the club is to be at the forefront of innovation in the SSL league because the ultimate goal for the league is not just have twelve robots play soccer, but to foster innovation through competition.



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Martin Llofriu Alonso

Works with Alfredo Weitzenfeld on Robotics research projects.


Matt MullinsSolidWords Team Leader

Chemical Engineering student at University of South Florida

Soufin RahimeenWeb Developer

Computer Science Student at University of South Florida


Narges Ghaedi

I am a computer engineer of the group. I have been involved with robobulls since February 2014. I represented robobulls in engineering EXPO 2014. Soon after, I started working with software development team. I started the code from scratch with the help of previous code, Martin, and Juan. I have been working on writing different behaviours and skills required for the robots to play soccer.

RoboBulls is a relatively new club, but our team has made a significant progress since the start. I am very proud to be one of the members of robobulls!


Juan CalderonTreasurer

Works with Alfredo Weitzenfeld on Robotics research projects.


Dr. Alfredo Weitzenfeld – Advisor

Professor at University of South Florida

  • Director, Robotics Laboratory in the Division of Information Technology at USF
  • Director, Robobulls RoboCup Teams

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Israel Institute of Technology, Technion.

Master of Science in Computer Engineering and a Doctoral degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California, USC.